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Why Kenneth Rose

Why Kenneth Rose for Sale

Kenneth Rose is the best salesperson that a client can ask for.  He is an excellent communicator and an accomplished negotiator.  The Montgomery County market is a culturally diverse area.  Kenneth recognizes the changing population in this area, and is highly adaptable in dealing with people in all facets of life.  With more than 20 years of being a Broker, he is also well versed in all aspects of a residential sale from the preparation of the property, the negotiating of contracts, and protecting his clients’ interests.

Why Kenneth Rose for Rent/ Lease

When you meet with a “Certified Rentalist™”, you are assured of the best-negotiated transaction. Having leased hundreds of properties, Kenneth Rose has great insight in handling difficult tenants, seeing problems before they occur and therefore avoiding poor investment decisions.  With rental properties, we charge a one-time flat fee for each leasing transaction, and there are no monthly property management fees. Even if landlords are out-of-state, they can manage their own properties under our recommendations with no added charges and remain in control of all decision making.


Rose Realty