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10122 River Road Suite 202

Investors / Landlords

Flat Fee Leasing and Management by Broker Kenneth Rose

Kenneth Rose has over 20 years of experience Selling, Leasing and Managing Residential Homes. He has proven that he can deliver the results that clients expect inside the highly competitive DC Suberbs of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Greatly Reducing Landlord headaches, Rose has learned how to use today’s best practices to screen the tenants both financially AND personally. Landlord’s require timely rent payments but they also need considerate human beings to care for their property, preserve its value and ultimately protect values in the neighborhood.

Kenneth Rose’s approach is assertive yet personable, and his expert judgement cuts through the red tape in processing applications from Prospective Renters. Rose quickly identifies prospects who will lease for longer terms thereby reducing expensive turn over costs and vacancy. Rose offers professionally written leases with proprietary language that protects the Landlord beyond the boiler plate and without hiring an Attorney.

Stay in control of your investment with NO FEE OR enjoy all of the Benefits of Full Service Management for a FLAT FEE. Just sit back and RELAX and Collect Rent and Statement Every Month.

Kenneth Rose will always protect your interests and he expects to earn your loyalty and have you COME BACK for years to come. Rose Realty is a Family Practice in Potomac Village and was opened in 1993.

Leasing, Sales and Management down to a scientific level having rented and or sold OVER 1,000 properties.



LEASE AND DOCUMENT PREPARATION Included in all Listing Agreements.

Kenneth Rose is has proven he is a truly accomplished Rental Expert so Call Him Directly TODAY.

301-983-3500  ( 7 Days a week until 7 pm)




Kenneth Rose – A Scientific Approach to Modern Day Leasing/Management

  • Minimum of 12-24 month lease term. The Flat fee for Tenant Placement is 80% of the 1st Month’s Rent, Due Upon Delivery of Fully Executed Lease. Landlord Has Final Approval of Tenants!
  • Landlord’s who elect to manage their own properties pay ZERO additional Fees but Continue to Have Access to Kenneth Rose as a “Virtual Manager.”
  • FLAT FEE FULL SERVICE MANAGEMENT…Receive Monthly Statement w/Check. Sit Back RELAX. Depending on the Type of Property, Size, Amount of Rent, Duration etc. Fee Case by Case.
  • Kenneth Rose prepares Realtor Association Approved Leases that contain additional proprietary Language that is proven to be the best and most effective in the Industry.
  • Kenneth Rose Gathers the Credit, Employment and References and Advises You on Pro’s and Con’s.
  • Access to Affordable House Cleaning, Trash Hauling, Handyman Services, Licensed Plumbing and HVAC, even whole house Remodeling and Landscape Services.
  • Kenneth Rose does NOT charge Admin or Renewal Fees for tenants who stay up to 24 months, LANDLORD HOLDS ALL SECURITY DEPOSITS.
  • If Tenant is ever late or slow paying, Rose assists w/collection efforts at no charge.
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