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10122 River Road Suite 202, Potomac, MD 20854


Start LOW Risk Wealth Building Today with Blue Chip Rental Properties

Rose “Blue Chip” Rental Properties are located inside the Golden Triangle of Potomac, Rockville and Bethesda/Chevy Chase. This location will keep your property occupied, minimize your exposure to any vacancy and increase the chances of longer tenancy. Vacancy rates will be extremely low in these areas, typically 5% per 5 year period or less. Sometimes zero vacancy is achieved.

A History of Increasing Value

Properties in these locations also have the best chance of going up in value each year. Using a calculator, simply multiply your purchase price by 3% to estimate the typical yearly increase in value. Some years will be higher, some lower, but know that home prices in the Golden Triangle have more than doubled the last 20 years.

Fortune in the Forecast

A 2015 Economic Study predicts that over one million new jobs in and around Southern Montgomery County will be created by 2045. The 4 “W’s” — high schools inside the Golden Triangle, consistently rank in the top 100 in the USA and are highly sought after as private school tuitions surge to $20k to $35k per year per child. Elementary and middle schools that feed into these high schools are all ranked either 9 or 10 in State Rankings. The Golden Triangle is also host to the NIH, Walter Reed Hospital and Medical College, Federal Government, French and German International Schools, Marriott Headquarters, Lockheed Martin, Northrup-Grumman and many more employers with one of the safest metro lines. The “Red Line” offers convenient and direct commuting in and out of Washington, DC.

Call Kenneth Rose

Kenneth Rose, Broker of Rose Realty since 1993, grew up in Potomac and attended all the local schools. His office has been in the “Courtyard” at Potomac Place for over 20 years.

• Schedule an in-person appointment with Kenneth Rose and experience his Passion, Personality and Perseverance. Ask him why he should be your Rose Guardian.
• Confidentially discuss Paying All Cash if able or Conserving Cash with the best mortgage solutions available for acquiring a Rental Property with as little as 10% to 25% Down.
• Rose will present “the very best” properties priced between $150K and $550K and calculate your return based on the Rent Value. Rose Rentals can net as high as 5-6% or more on cash.
• Tour the Rose Recommended property, submit a paperless purchase offer, conduct inspections/review any HOA documents, Buy Insurance, and complete your purchase in 30-45 days.
• Kenneth Rose will promptly secure a Well-Qualified, Long-Term Tenant at a Rental Rate covering all monthly costs and provide Copies of Tenant’s Information and Signed Lease Doc’s.

Rent Earns, Don’t Sell!

Always consider alternatives to selling a Rose Rental Property. Once these properties are purchased, they should NOT COST, they should ONLY EARN and continue to earn and build wealth over time. Similar to a Rose “Garden,” which requires water, love, and time. Rose Rental Properties do require maintenance, supervision and accountability, but the tenant covers these expenses in the high rental rates that are paid in these locations.

Enjoy Annual Tax Deductions

Rose Rental Owners also take full advantage of the Current IRS Tax Code. Call a Licensed CPA to confirm if you are eligible for Annual Tax Deductions such as “depreciation.” This wealth building deduction means that the owner of a residential rental property calculates the potential savings by taking the purchase price divided by 27.5 (years).

Example: Purchase Price $400,000/ 27.5 = 14,545.00, If you are taxed at 35%, you could enjoy over $5000 in savings EVERY YEAR! There are many more tax saving advantages to help your Rose investments BLOOM. Just ask a licensed CPA how much you would save based on the price range you can afford.


Information contained is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Kenneth Rose is a licensed Maryland Designated Broker since 1993. He has completed over 1,000 successful lease transactions and is responsible for achieving a 100% Occupancy Rate for a privately owned portfolio with a combined value worth over $100M. Most clients elect to self-manage and do not pay a management fee or other administrative fees. Rose Rental clients pay only a flat rate, one time fee equal to 80% of the first month’s rent when leasing out their Blue Chip Properties with Kenneth Rose and Rose Realty. Said fee is all-inclusive
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